Client : WeWork Japan
Location : Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Program : Co-Working Office, Lounge, Cafeteria
Area : 3240 sqm

Scope : Design Development, Construction Drawings, Architect of Record

Year : 2017
Status : Completed
Project Team : Martin van der Linden, Ayumu Ota, Dhruv Kohli, Romane Negre
General Contractor : Nomura

Photos : WeWork 

This project is located in Shinbashi, the quintessential salaryman area of Tokyo. WeWork has taken a complete building and we re-designed the nine floors into a variety of spaces with the typical WeWork-vibe. On the ground floor large windows flood the space with light. The ceilings are left open and painted white giving extra height to all the floors.
On the ground floor toilets were re-designed and feature a double grid tiling and a painted ceiling. On all the other floors the toilets were re-designed as well. Stand-alone and wall to wall artwork act both as a decorative elements as well as marking the various floors. Each floor has a small cafe break-out space emphasising WeWork’s social aspect of space usage.

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