Client : UBER Japan
Location : Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Program : Greenlight Hub + Regional Office
Area : 380 sqm

Year : 2018-19
Status : Completed

Photos : Josh Lieberman

The reception is entered directly from the outside and the delivery bikers can park there bicycles inside within the reception space. The main waiting and on-boarding space are designed as a plaza around which support spaces are placed. A wall which includes a hidden door is created out of cement board panels which are installed to provide good acoustics. Expanded mesh panels are used to close-off a storage room.

The mesh is also placed in front of glass partitions in the main room. The frosted sheet on the glass behind the mesh provides privacy while making sure the depth of space is not lost. Space has a 3.5-meter ceiling which is painted black. The work area has a break-out space with picnic-style tables and chairs in front of a dry-kitchen unit.