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Client : UBER Japan
Location : Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan
Program : Greenlight Hub + Regional Office
Area : 460 sqm

Status : Completed

Photos : Vincent Hecht

Split over two floors, the ground floor contains a reception, waiting areas, sign-up, and training spaces. The basement floor is accessible via an internal staircase where a break-out space, toilets, and workstations are located. Most of the enclosed spaces have a double skin of expanded wire mesh panels attached to a partition with frosted glass. The combination of glass and mesh offer privacy while maintaining a visual connection with the main space. The wire mesh panels have also been used as a decorative feature in the basement to clad a back-lit wall.

Wood cement boards are clad on many of the walls to improve the enclosed rooms as well as open space acoustics. Due to heavy foot traffic within the venue, a durable grey Marmoleum is used as flooring. A variety of Japanese stuccoes that are normally used as a spray-on exterior cladding of wooden houses have been used to bring accent texture and colors on a few walls and columns. Careful lighting accentuates these different textures of the space.