five lodges for a large floorplate

Client : Snwflake
Location :  Yaesu, Tokyo
Program : Office, Cafeteria
Area : 4085m2

Scope : Design

Year :  2024
Status :  Built

Photos :  Vincent Hecht
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This project is located on a, for Tokyo, rather large floor plate consisting of 4085m2 open office space with stunning 360-degree panoramic views.

We suggested dividing the space into four distinctive zones. Each corner of these zones was marked with one of the Snowflake branding colours. This mnemonic, we argued, would help the staff to orientate themselves on this large floor plate. The client called these semi-enclosed zones “lodges”. Following the Snowflake theme we designed the lodges to be warm and colourful, while we kept the open office space in a cool white with blue accents. The lodges are relatively close to the open office giving the staff the opportunity for internal meetings in enclosed rooms or providing them with different more casual types of workspaces.

A lot of effort was placed on the artwork which was developed by the Snowflake team. The snow and ski artwork followed the overall theme of the Snowflake’s cool Arctic winter branding theme.

The main lodge is a large cafeteria with a dark wood-clad and blue-tiled enclosed kitchen and millwork providing a space for the staff to have lunch. The space can also be used for large town hall gatherings or to showcase new product launches.