Client : Nvidia Japan
Location : Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Program : Head Office, Break-out Space
Area : 1030 sqm

Status : Completed

Photos : Vincent Hecht 

For an existing client who required additional space in their current building, we added free-address workstations, phone booths for 2-4 people, a large meeting room, and a break-out space. Apart from the additional workspaces required for a growing number of staff members, the focus of the project was on the creation of a new, larger multi-purpose break-out space. A custom-designed pantry unit is placed against the signage wall and thus creates a barrier between the reception and the break-out space while also guiding visitors to the new meeting room.

This 10 person meeting room has acoustic wood cement boards on the walls, the backdrop of the 90” screen is black stained, while the wall parallel to the table has a custom cut pattern accentuating the materiality of the wood cement board. The same pattern can be found on the walls of the phone booths. The furniture in the break-out space was selected to allow the room to be used for a variety of functions: apart for the staff to have a coffee, eat their bento, space can be used for office parties, town-hall meetings, seminars, and training.