Client : Confidential Consulting Firm
Location : Kobe, Japan
Program : Executive Learning Center
Area : 4700 sqm

Status : Completed
Photos : Josh Lieberman

This is a learning center for an international consulting firm, located in Kobe, Japan. Set within a large 4700m2 basement space of a hotel. A colored LED light placed behind a wood slat and frosted glass wall simulate an artificial horizon that changes slowly throughout the day. Apart from the training and conference spaces, careful attention was given the cafeteria.

A custom-designed island provides a changing variety of dishes for the training participants throughout the day. A 10-meter long table invites people to interact and make new friends. Soft seating is scattered throughout the space for those who need a bit alone time with their phones. At the back of the cafe is a bar with a pool table, a vintage packman machine, and table football.