Client : LabCorp
Location :  Harumi, Tokyo
Program : Post-Covid Workplace
Area : 1270m2

Scope : Design, PM

Status :  Built

Photos :  Vincent Hecht
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This is a project for an existing client. We have worked with this client for years, but the event of Covid spurred the need to critically review the office. With most of their staff working from home, the role of the workplace was re-defined  to embody of what the client called “a culture of flexibility, productivity, passion and accuracy.” In order to translate this the workspaces were to support the various business functions. In this design the employees are treated equably and are provided with a healthy, safe and functional workplace where ergonomic and regulatory requirements are met. This functionality is based on practical need. By moving away from one personally assigned desk the concept of  a new agile office is to create a workplace which is intended to provide employees with options for both focus and collaborative work. This results in a balanced workplace for healthier, happier and more productive employees. The design intents to support the different activities that staff perform during their work day. The work environment should be tailored in such a way so that employees can decide on any space that will support on your specific task at hand. Thus there are areas designated for tasks that require concentration, or other areas that can be used for teams to do reviews or other collaborative work.

Another focus of the design is ergonomics. One of the tangible advantages of the dispersal of work tasks throughout the office is the introduction of a wider variety of desk and chairs types for the employees to work at. This variety of work spaces promotes good posture and less repetitive motion as work does not have to be done in the same place everyday. Our suggestion was to employees spend your day enjoying the various seating and work desk types that are available in the office. Studies have show that changing positions while working will reduce stress on the muscles. By moving around the office during their work day, spending some time working on a standard desk, sitting an hour on a sofa and later moving to a high table where one can do some work standing, the design should help staff to feel less tired and feel more productive.