Future proof school


Client : Invited Competition
Location :  Hiroo, Tokyo
Program : School
Area : 6400m2

Scope : Design

Status :  Competition

Empirical studies developed on the scope of educational research, show that school building conditions, such as spatial configurations, acoustics, heat, light and air quality have an impact on learning since they affect students and teachers performance and attitudes.

Design concept:
Our design layouts follows a spatial configuration based on a central core, i.e. a ‘gravity centre’ from which the different parts of the school are connected.
The central element of the layout is a space at the heart of the school where students can gather to learn, perform, eat and socialise.
Our suggested programme of this central core consists of  the multi-purpose cafeteria split over two floors and the library which are all connected via an exterior terrace and various stairs.

The school of the future is a truly sustainable building. A building that creates its own energy, that collects rainwater and is flexible to allow easy adjustment to changing programmatic needs.
In our proposal we are providing both: A net-zero building that will be easy to build and operate with very low maintenance.
By carefully calculating overhangs we allow the deep winter sun to heat the building in the winter, while keeping direct sunlight out during the summer.
A green roof will reduce further heat-build   up during the summer. On this roof we are placing an array of photo voltaic panels and solar collectors that are used to heat water.
Rain water collectors can be used for irrigation of plants and trees. A filtration system will allow for rain water to be used for toilets. Each floor (including the roof) is a self-supporting “Platform” integrated with all mechanical and electrical services in the floors. The various rooms are inserted within the floors and can be adjusted - enlarged or made smaller within the flexible grid of the platforms.