van der Architects is a Tokyo-based, international architecture firm. We focus on providing creative solutions to work-place related issues. We have also designed airport lounges, renovated embassies, built houses and provided bonafide design services for an after-school and community-center in Northern Japan. van der Architects works with BIM and we have completed a LEED Gold accredited project.

The firm was founded by Martin van der Linden, a Dutch architect educated in the Netherlands, Japan, and the UK.

What we do: Today architects can design and build anything, anywhere in any way. We aim to create an architecture where users have an authentic experience of space.

How we do this: Architecture is about movement and rest within space. We strive in creating immersive experiences of space. This is done through careful selection of materials, the tactility of space, the use of shadow, light, and reflection, by inserting a variety of viewpoints, by taking dimensionality of the space and our mobility into consideration. An authentic space is not so much seen but rather it is felt.

Why we do this: The spaces we inhabit emotionally shape us.

For whom: Our clients share our belief that within architecture, the creation of space has a strong influence on its users. As such our clients feel a personal as well as a social responsibility that the spaces they commission us to design will help the well-being of the users of these spaces.

Where: Projects are being undertaken in Japan. Through a series of strategic partnerships, we also work on projects in the Asian region.