Client : HDI Global SE
Location : Tokyo, Japan
Program : Corporate Office
Area : 540 sqm

Status : Completed
Photos : Yo Masunaga

We created four distinctive zones with a diverse set of spaces for specific tasks ranging from individual to group work, and from concentration to collaboration. There are semi-enclosed booths for work that requires concentration and privacy. In the center of the space, we placed three large worktables, which are mainly for individual processing-type of work which requires little interaction with other staff nor concentration.

At the other entrance, staffs are small lockers and coat closets. Three well-insulated phone booths are placed in front of the lockers. Around the corner, there is a semi-enclosed team meeting room for teams working on projects.

A collaborative space has deliberately been colored in green. A mix of seating gives the employees the choice to either sit individually in comfortable sofa’s or sit in groups either along the back wall on a bench or in dinner-type booths. There is also a higher counter with stools which are very popular for quick meetings.

A client meeting room in a 3/1 proportion defines the client entrance space. Placed under an angle it points on the left towards a glass meeting room, while narrowing towards the right where it cuts off the view of a pixelated full height wall-print which continuous behind it into the collaborative area.

We made a series of ONE MINUTE ARCHITECTURE Youtube videos called Creating and Authentic Workplace, you can watch them by clicking the links below:

Part 1: Initial ideas and design development process

Part 2: Construction of the office

Part 3: Post-move Employee interviews.