Global Energy Company

Client : Global Energy Co
Location :  Shinagawa, Tokyo
Program : Post-Covid Workplace
Area : 800m2

Scope : Design

Year :  2022
Status :  Built

Photos :  Vincent Hecht
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This is another of the recent Post-Covid projects we have been working on. The client, an energy company had been occupying this space for over 10 years and decided to reduce part of the space to allow for a more flexible way of working.

Following a number of discussions with the local team the programming for the new office was divided into two main requirements: the need for a dozen fixed desks for the support staff that would spent most of their time in the office and a more flexible space for those employees who would use the workspace irregularly.

The flexible work area is based around a  kitchen and cafe space aligned by a number of meeting rooms used either for sporadic clients meetings or for internal use. Next to the kitchen we placed a large multi-function room that is used for client meetings. Every month various departments will use it for their all-day sales meetings. The cafe, arranged like a market plaza, has a variety of work type seats for either individual or more collaborative team work. We placed the personal lockers around the  cafe space as a low level divider. Another corridor divides the more active team orientated work zone of the cafe from the fixed seats of the call centre. The copy area and storage rooms are located off this corridor as well as a nook for impromptu one on one meetings.  The fixed seat area for the support staff and the in-house marketing production team also features some touch-down seats as well as a few small enclosed phone booths.