New Tokyo Office

Client : Allegis 
Location :  Toranomon, Tokyo
Program : Workplace
Area : 625m2

Scope : Interior Design, Acoustics, Lighting Design

Year :  2023
Status :  Built

Photos :  Vincent Hecht
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The design challenge that we faced in this project was the rectangular floor plan which was relatively wide and proportionally rather deep as well. Most of the daylight comes from the window at the front of the space  facing the main road while the windows on each side of the space open out to nearby office buildings across narrow streets.

In order to maximise daylight we placed a series of meeting rooms, phone booths and a storage room in the centre of the space. This block clad in a rough stucco is designed to look like an abstracted form of a low rise house, a bungalow. In doing so we also accentuate the rectangular shape of the overall space while the shape also draws the eye towards the sun-lit main work area further on.

The main work area is further subdivided into three parts; in the centre standard workstations are placed, while on either side we added what we called “secondary work places”. These are either casual touch down seats, sofa type seating or enclosed work areas for more concentrated work.