Client : Air France + KLM
Location : Tokyo, Japan
Program : Corporate Office
Area : 760 sqm
Status : Completed
Project Team : Martin van der Linden, Ayumu Ota

The design brief asked for a functional, dynamic, open space with an airline look and feel.

The office is a long, rectangular-shaped space with windows on each end. When entering the space from the lift hall one immediately stands in a central break-out space divided by the main conference room through a glass sliding wall. When this wall is opened, the whole area can be used for large staff gatherings, presentations, town hall meetings or parties.

The office is completed in a monochrome color palette ranging from white to metallic grey. All the enclosed spaces are clad in metallic panels on the outside. Wood cement boards on the inside of the rooms provide optimum acoustics. Colour has been restricted to the meeting rooms.

The carpet and the lowered ceiling are painted in autumn colors ranging from Bordeaux red, purple, warm orange and shades of green. For the break-out area, a bright yellow for the chairs and bench fabric was selected. The tabletops and the kitchen are finished in larch plywood.